At Peak Super Audits we are...

Accurate. Committed. Effective.


We ACE it

At Peak Super Audits, we are an award-winning team that specialises solely in
the audit of SMSFs. That’s what we do.

Commitment is the cornerstone at Peak Super Audits. As compliance specialists,
we work in “partnership” with our accountants and your SMSF clients. We are here
to answer your questions. If there’s a problem, we help you navigate the terrain.

Every team is stronger when they collaborate. Peak Super Audits works closely with
Elite Super, a veteran SMSF audit firm. We combine specialist skills with more than
a decade of experience in the SMSF audit sphere.

Our Commitment

Timely Service

We provide prompt turn around (usually within 10 days of receiving the SMSF’s signed file).

Upfront Costs

Our costs are standardised based on SMSF investment mix. Fixed fees may also be negotiated on a firm by firm basis.

Please contact us to discuss.

Always Ready

Upload everything via our secure online portal. Just click ‘notify’ and we are onto the job. Our queries, your responses, and audit updates are managed real time 24/7 through this portal.

Team Work

Our emphasis is on working with you to navigate the SMSF landscape. Ask questions – find answers. Get it right.


How does it work?

Please don’t hesitate to call us for more information or a pre-audit checklist if you have never sent us audits this way so we can set your firm up with a log in to the secure portal.


Audit Fee Guide

Whether your firm has 5 or 500 Funds, we have a fee package to suit you. The audit fee depends on many factors such as your firm software, number of audits, your practice quality controls, as well as your preferred billing method. Please contact us to discuss these factors, however click below for a guide as to our fee levels.

Price Guide
ACash Only (one account)$330-$400
BNew fund (minimal transactions)$330
CShares, managed investments, Term Deposits and Cash Up to $550
DNon-standards investments such as related party transactions, LRBAs and artwork etcUp to $770
EIf you are not sureFee on application (email us the financial report)

The above is a guide only and we prefer to receive a draft copy of the financial report before providing a quote. We prefer not to categorise fees because it can unfairly apply, and the above should be a guide only of the range of our audit fees. If the audit contains a breach that is required by the ATO to be reported to them, up to an extra $150 is added for an auditor contravention report and audit qualification depending on the number of breaches and the simplicity of the rectification. (This includes detailed management letter outlining the breach and also advice to the accountants/trustees to rectify the breach).

Note that the above fees can be locked in at a lower fixed rate for large SMSF administration firms with over 100 funds.

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